Unit of Instruction

Exploring Sensors

Elementary School

In this unit, students explore a variety of sensors that can be used to create robotic systems and environments. Each lesson features a new robot and sensor that students can interact with and learn from. 

Included Lessons
  1. Unit Overview
  2. Digital vs. Analog Sensors
  3. If Statements
  4. If/Else Statements
  5. Creating a Light Gate
  6. Creating a Proximity Sensor
  7. Free Build Challenge
  8. Unit Assessment
Mobile STEM Lab Requirement
Engineering Pathways Mobile STEM Lab
NGSS Learning Dimensions

Scientific & Engineering Practices

  • Analyzing & interpreting data

  • Developing & using models

  • Using mathematics & computational thinking

  • Planning & carrying out investigations

  • Constructing explanations & designing solutions

Crosscutting Concepts

  • Structure & function

  • Systems & system models

  • Scale, proportion, and quantity

  • Patterns

  • Cause & effect: mechanism & explanation

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