Unit of Instruction

Loops & Variables

Middle School
Targeted Grade Level
6th - 8th

In this unit, students will build upon previous Kid Spark robotics and coding experiences as they explore how to use different types of loops and variables in a program/sketch.

Included Lessons
  1. Unit Overview
  2. While Loops
  3. For Loops
  4. Integer Variables
  5. Digital Variables
  6. Free Build Challenge
  7. Unit Assessment
Mobile STEM Lab Requirement
Engineering Pathways Mobile STEM Lab
NGSS Learning Dimensions

Scientific & Engineering Practices

  • Asking questions & defining problems

  • Developing & using models

  • Using mathematics & computational thinking

  • Planning & carrying out investigations

Crosscutting Concepts

  • Structure & function

  • Systems & system models

  • Scale, proportion, and quantity

  • Cause & effect: mechanism & explanation

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