Unit of Instruction

Conceptos Básicos de Ingeniería

Elementary School
Targeted Grade Level
PreK - 5th

In this unit, students will learn to see like a designer and think like an engineer as they explore basic engineering concepts such as measurement,  how to make things strong, how to make things move, and how to use a design and engineering process to solve a challenge. 

Included Lessons
  1. Introducción a ROK Blocks
  2. Ver Como un Diseñador, Pensar Como un Ingeniero
  3. Perspectivas del Diseño
  4. Haciendo las Cosas Resistentes
  5. Haciendo Movimiento
  6. El Proceso de Diseño & Ingeniería
  7. Diseño y Proyecto de Ingeniería de un Puente
NGSS Learning Dimensions


Scientific & Engineering Practices

  • Asking questions and defining problems

  • Developing and using models

  • Using mathematics


Crosscutting Concepts

  • Patterns

  • Scale, proportion, and quantity

  • Structure and function

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