Texas STEM Coalition 2019

- • San Antonio, TX

Kid Spark Education will be presenting at the 2019 Texas STEM Coalition Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Join David Emery for a hands on robotics session, where educators will learn how to teach any student about computational thinking and robotics. Kid Spark Education programs will also be on display in the event hall with partner Teaching Systems Incorporated.

Learn more about the Texas STEM Coalition: http://txstem.org/about/

The Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Coalition is a STEM Education focused 501c3 non-profit professional organization created to address the challenges of tomorrow’s technology-driven economy by researching, developing, and supporting best practices in STEM education for K-12 schools. The Texas STEM Coalition is comprised of T-STEM Centers and other members work to advance STEM in the K-12 sector. The coalition works with schools seeking T-STEM Designation or any school that wants to enhance STEM programming.