Suddenly homeschooling?

Add STEM into the equation.

Whether you're suddenly homeschooling due to recent school closures or have been doing it for years, Kid Spark Education is here to help you and your students build science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills wherever you are. Our programs go beyond building cool models: children can bring their imagination to life with movement and meaning.

With Kid Spark Education, you're not just homeschooling—you're building the next generation of problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and collaborators.


Why choose Kid Spark?

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18+ hours of research-backed curriculum with just one kit

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More than building models: kids make things that do things

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Free, quick, and self-paced training for parents

Free STEM resources & support for parents

What is STEM Education and How Do I Teach It?

How to Use the Design & Engineering Process at Home

STEM Activities for Children: Tips for Suddenly Homeschooling Parents

Ready for your PreK-2nd grade homeschool program?

Take your child beyond simple models into the world of true engineering. Each kit comes with over 20 hours of activities and research-based and standards-aligned curriculum.

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