Foundational Fluencies STEM Lab



Each lab serves up to 2 students

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Product Description:

The Foundational Fluencies STEM Lab and included curriculum are designed to help students in grades Pre-K - 1 develop important capacities that are prerequisite for a lifetime of STEM learning. 

The carefully curated materials in the lab are child-friendly and non-intimidating; the larger scale elements allow for collaborative learning. Even the most inexperienced students can quickly and easily build sophisticated prototypes and increase their confidence in STEM. 

Early lessons focus on learning foundational STEM fluencies such as spatial reasoning, sequence and correspondence, symbolism, patterns, and symmetry. Students then transition into more challenging concepts such as how to make things strong, how to make things move, and other key concepts that are crucial to building their STEM identity. This identity—seeing one’s self as capable of learning and understanding science, technology, engineering, and math—is the cornerstone to instilling a love of science and technology in your students. 

All supporting curriculum for Kid Spark’s Pre-K - 1st grade program is included in the lab. This includes two (2) printed booklets: an Instructors Guide and a Building Plans Booklet. Additional professional learning resources are available online. 


  • Engineering Materials

    45 large-scale building components, 50 small-scale building components 

  • Printed Curriculum Booklets

    Includes teacher preparation materials, unit overviews, lesson plans, project building plans, and unit assessments

  • Transparent lid

    Includes inventory & organization guide to easily locate and manage materials in the lab

Curriculum Units Supported:

Grades PreK - 1st

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Product Specifications:

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  • Students Per Lab: 2
  • Curriculum: Included
  • Professional Learning: Included (Online)

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