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At Kid Spark, we believe that every student deserves the opportunity to build their confidence and skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Our easy-to-teach and affordable PK-8 STEM program makes it possible. We go beyond a STEM kit that teaches just one or two concepts—you can teach the entire research-based PK-8 curriculum with just a small amount of robust and reusable materials. Whether you need a STEM program for your school or district, a library, an after-school program, or your home, you're in the right place.

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Kid Spark engages all students, allowing them to interact and express what they know

—Jenny Chien, 2017 California Teacher of the Year

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Kid Spark's easy-to-use STEM curriculum can be taught in any classroom, by any teacher


The Kid Spark STEM curriculum moves progressively through four overarching learning phases:


Elementary School STEM Program (PK-5)

Foundational Fluencies

Educators mentor students to develop foundational capacities prerequisite to all STEM learning, like spatial reasoning, problem-solving, and symbolization.

STEM Fundamentals

Students begin exploring applied mathematics, mechanical engineering, and robotics. They gain confidence in their ability to use technology to design solutions to problems.

Middle School STEM Program (6-8)

Applications in Design & Engineering

Students explore challenging STEM concepts from their everyday world, authoring with technology to solve problems and create new solutions.

Systems of Technology

Students use multiple technologies to create system solutions, including mechanical and structural engineering, computer-aided design and 3D printing, and programmable robotics.


Kid Spark STEM Education Resources include

Teacher lesson plans • STEM Curriculum packets • Student workbooks • Instructional videos • Digital 3D parts library • Drag & drop coding software • Text-based coding software


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Online, on-demand professional learning library helps any caring adult become a STEM program mentor

Many general education teachers have some anxiety about teaching STEM programs, especially if they don't have specialized training in STEM.

But with Kid Spark’s online, on-demand professional learning modules, educators find that teaching STEM isn’t just easy—it’s fun, too. With Kid Spark, any teacher can master what it takes to become a STEM mentor.


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Live webinars and in-person workshops are also available.

More than just STEM kits, Kid Spark Mobile STEM Labs are robust and reusable, year after year.


Engineering Pathways Mobile STEM Lab

Goodbye, popsicle sticks.

Kid Spark's carefully curated STEM resources are organized and unintimidating; the larger scale elements allow for collaborative learning. The entire curriculum can be taught using the same two labs year after year, across grade levels and topics. Simply roll your STEM lab where you need it and distribute a single kit to each team of four students.

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With Kid Spark STEM programs, you can help your students feel confident and capable in solving everyday challenges through technology.


Our elementary and middle school STEM education programs are a fun, effective, and affordable way to develop your students’ STEM identity and technology fluency

STEM Identity:

Seeing one’s self as capable of learning and understanding science, technology, engineering, and math.

Technology Fluency:

The confidence and skills to creatively author with technology to solve real-world problems and design new solutions.

From how we communicate to the ways we access information and entertainment, we’re living in a complex and technological world. Young people with the skills and drive to pursue STEM subjects will be the innovators who shape our shared future. These skills are vital to all youth, no matter what path they take in life. By developing your students' love for science and technology today, you're helping to ensure they are able to thrive tomorrow.


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Kid Spark STEM programs teach the practices and cross-cutting concepts used for all scientific learning as prescribed in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Ignite your students' love for science and technology with Kid Spark's STEM education programs