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Whether you need a STEM program for a single classroom, an entire school, or a whole district, we've got you covered. Kid Spark is great for STEM after school programs and MakerSpaces too. To see what you need to get your Kid Spark STEM program started, jump to the planning tool.

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The easy-to-use elementary and middle school STEM curriculum can be taught in any classroom, by any teacher. Resources include lesson plans, student workbooks, drag & drop coding software, text-based coding software, and more.

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Online, on-demand professional learning modules help any caring educator master what it takes to become a STEM program mentor, even if they don't have specialized STEM training. Live webinars and in-person trainings are available as well.

ROK Blocks Mobile STEM Lab

Robust, reusable and organized engineering materials make teaching STEM programs easy and affordable. The entire curriculum can be taught using the same two labs year after year. Each Mobile STEM Lab serves four students, and stacks onto a rollable base.

The tool below will provide you with general recommendations for STEM program implementation. Once you get started with your own Kid Spark program, you can access the entire PK-8 curriculum and professional learning library. This resource helps you serve your students no matter how much or how little experience they have with STEM. 

Want additional guidance, or need a solution for an entire school or school district? Please contact a Kid Spark representative to help you determine what will best meet your educational goals.

What grade level(s) will you teach?

Please note: If you want to start a program for more than a couple classrooms, please consider contacting a Kid Spark representative for a more personalized quote.

Still have questions or want a more personalized recommendation? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact a Kid Spark representative.